Be a Beach Bombshell - all year round

FOCUS: FITNESS l NUTRITION l MINDSET l A Summer Body for all seasons                                                     



SIREN CALL! Being a beach bombshell 365 days a year - we believe - is a wonderful thing.

Let’s emerge not only from winter - but ANY time of the year - fully formed: firm legs, bottom toned and ready to go. Yup, from now on, we hit "la playa” with self-confidence - during any season!

NO MORE PANIC SQUATTING in our bedrooms the week before our flight to Miami or Ibiza. Self confidence becomes non-negotiable and firm skin our thing. Let's evolve into a beach-body-babe state of being: living and loving healthy habits - naturally. 


...if you want to get into the daily ritual of moving your body, improving your nutrition and focussing your mind on what matters, in an easy and efficient way.

...if you know, it's not only about the carved abs, but the sense of freedom and simply feeling great in your own skin - all year in. 

...if you're willing and ready to tackle 2 fitness exercises and an additional task in the area of nutrition or mind management daily (yup, that's it). 


Hey Gorgeous

We're your "double trouble" team and are excited to accompany you on your journey and keep you motivated along the way.

Chanel & Sonja

Challenge Curriculum

  • 5 Levels
  • Coaching By Black Blond
  • Community Support
  • iOS & Android
  • Level 01


    - 2 Missions - Warm up to new healthy habits. Learn what makes this challenge so fun and effective. Download the 3 week schedule to better prepare yourself logistically and mentally to create more impact!

  • Level 02

    WEEK 1 | DAYS 1-7

    - 7 Missions - The challenge begins! Get your daily mission to complete: a training video with 2 exercises (how feasible is that) and either a Mind- or Nutrition-Task.

  • Level 03

    WEEK 2 | DAYS 8-14

    - 7 Missions - The second week continues according to the first week: Exercises repeat themselves but are combined differently to keep the learn effect going, while still keeping you challenged, but not overwhelmed.

  • Level 04

    WEEK 3 | DAYS 15-21

    - 7 Missions - It takes at laest 21 days to create new habits - so stick through, stay motivated and keep your goal and your well-being in mind. Feel the difference in your body at this stage already.

  • Level 05


    - 3 Missions - Head-start into a new lifestyle done. If you've stuck to the challenge, you'll have increased your capacity to follow through on decisions you make in general, and feel physically great on top of that. What's next? And what personal take aways will you take with you?

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Success Stories

  • NIPA

    I'm down 8 kilos!

    "My problem was that I don't have time to work out, I'm always jetting around. These 21-day Challenges are perfect for me. ​I learned that with little time and focussed exercises I could really get a lot of benefits and super results. I'm down 8 kilos after two challenges [and additional guidance]. I'm so motivated to keep on going now!"


    I reached my personal Summer Body goal!

    "I was excited about the flow [of the challenge]: no excuses, I just did the exercises. ​The nutrition and the mindset tips were so valuable [...] they opened up new horizons for me. I feel wonderful and am so happy, I even achieved my personal Summer Body goal! I'll definitely keep on doing these challenges with motivation and a smile on my face!"


    It's amazing how your body changes!​

    "The online challenges are perfect, as I don't have time to run to a gym, I can do it whenever I have a moment.​It's amazing to feel how your body changes, how much stronger your body gets. The burpees are my friends now! Even though it's virtual - their motivation shines through. Just do it - you will not regret it."

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    1 month, ALL Challenges

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