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FOCUS: FITNESS l FAT BURN through Peripheral Heart Action Training                             



THE END OF BEYOND BORING CARDIO WORKOUTS...AND BOTHERSOME FAT. Yesss - burn fat fast not with cardio, but with this fun, bodyweight PHA circuit!

Don’t believe us that regular cardio is overrated? Take a trip to a gym downtown and sneak a peak into the aerobics class. Now go back a month later and see if anyone's physique has changed? See what we mean?

This effective PHA program offers more variety, is more dynamic and more fun. It keeps you energised, prevents lactic acid buildup and produces faster results in body composition, such as muscle toning, fat and weight loss - and you can do it any where. Now that's some fitness bang for your buck!


PHA is a form of circuit training consisting of 8-10 exercises per set, moving from one exercise to the next without rest between the exercises. 

You repeat the set 3 times, with dropping reps per round. You get to rest shortly only in between the sets. The challenge with this challenge lies in keepin' your heart rate up and keeping the proper form - and balance -until the end.

If you don't have the time or patience to spend hours doing boring workouts, but want significant and measurable results,  say: PHA!


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Challenge Curriculum

  • 4 Levels
  • Coaching By Black Blond
  • Community Support
  • iOS & Android
  • Level 01


    Find out what PHA means and how it works. Get tips prior to starting to achieve better personal results and get inspired with a warm up sesh you should integrate daily. - 3 Missions -

  • Level 02

    DAY 1-6

    The challenge commences: it consists of 3 different daily workout plans A, B & C that rotate per day. Plan C is a session specifically designed for regeneration and stretching. Hence no rest days needed in this challenge. - 6 Missions -

  • Level 03

    DAY 7-12

    The second week of training and you surely feel a difference in your muscles. Stay motivated and keep going. Listen to your body and decide for yourself if you wanna do 2 or 3 rounds per set. - 6 Missions -

  • Level 04


    Done - so what's next? What have you personally achieved in these passed days? How do you want to continue with your journey down the fit & fab lifestyle? - 2 Missions -

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