WHAT THE HECK IS A BURPEE? … and why should you care? We'll tell you why!

Burpees will turn that body of yours into a fat burning machine. They're an intense, full body workout. They'll build strength, work your cardio, and get you conditioned like no other exercise can do.

There's more: Burpees speed up your metabolism, making you burn more calories all day long - even after burpee torture is over. So if you want to lose weight or get seriously fit - this should be your new favorite exercise.

Love 'em or hate 'em - just do it! (We know it's gonna be that love-hate relationship. ;-)

In this 10 day challenge, we'll introduce 10 Burpee variatons to simply keep you inspired and excited for the next day. Get faster into shape than ever, all of this with 5-10min per day only. Excited?

So get off that stepper and rumble with impact.


This challenge is not suitable if you’re pregnant, have joint issues, back or circulation problems. 


Hey Gorgeous

We're your "double trouble" team and are excited to accompany you on your journey and keep you motivated along the way.

Chanel & Sonja

Challenge Curriculum

  • 4 Levels
  • Coaching By Black Blond
  • Community Support
  • iOS & Android
  • Level 01


    Level 1 consists of 3 'Warm Up' Missions you need to fulfil. No sweat yet - this is all about your personal motivation, simply to make sure you reach your goal.

  • Level 02

    DAY 1-5

    Let's start rolling with the first 5 days of the challenge. Receive daily instructions and a video for your the 6 Missions in Level 2. We do expect you to give all you've got! Depending on how you feel after Day 5, incorporate a rest day. If you're all fired up - continue straight away to Level 3.

  • Level 03

    DAY 6-10

    Half time completed! Look forward to 5 more exciting, fat burning days with even more Burpee variations. Are you lovin' them already? Or do you have the feeling this is an impossible workout?Don't worry! This is all about pacing yourself, and most of all, believing in yourself. - 6 Missions -

  • Level 04


    Congratu-burpee-lations! You've completed the challenge. In the cool down phase we'll reflect on what you did with ease, and what was fun, or less fun? Where were your pitfalls, and what are your successes? We can't wait to find out. - 3 Missions -

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Success Stories

  • Sandra

    It's amazing how you feel your body get stronger.

    ""It's amazing to feel how your body changes, how much stronger your body gets. The burpees are my friends now!""

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    1 month, ALL Challenges

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